Animal Inside

The 3d anatomical models of Animal Inside change the way we learn animal anatomy. With accurate and appealing models we offer education and reference solutions for students and professors of anatomy and physiology, veterinarians and consumers interested in learning more about animal anatomy.  Our products are offered platform independent.

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The rat

We picked the common lab rat as our first animal. Used in almost every lab all over the world it is one of the first animals seen in anatomy class. Photos and illustrations don’t give a full understanding of what one should see, so every student has to cut into a rat. Our 3d models will, at least to a great extent, render the cutting part obsolete. Especially for the tiny bits of a rat the model is even easier to use than looking at the real thing.

Students learn the exact location, attachments and detailed shape of a muscle instead of an rough location of that muscle. They can look at the azygos vein system and know what the most common differences are in individual animals. Or know that the carotid arteries are separated from the start instead of splitting at a certain distance from the heart.

At first we aim at the gross anatomy of animals. In that area alone there is a lot to gain. Later we will add simulations and processes. For example movement simulations of a hind leg with all its parts. Or a detailed view of the digestive process.

Our dream is to render the anatomical simulations real time in augmented reality but that is a whole different story.

About us

Jelle Hermsen
Jelle Hermsen
I am a programmer who takes a fancy in computer science and mathematics. I love creating high-performance cross platform applications.
Mieke Roth
Mieke Roth
I am a scientific illustrator who loves to work on the detailed and complex. Turns animal anatomy into beautiful and accurate 3d models.